Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Movie Venue

The Marshal Law family will never be able to thank Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and the Victorian Country Inn enough for their support of our film and craft. They allowed us to take over their property on multiple days of filming. Without them, the third film would not have been possible. We are so grateful for their love and support! We encourage everyone to visit their beautiful home for bed and breakfast, reenactments, mystery theater, morning tea, and game nights. We promise you will NOT be disappointed!


This group of actors  were so great to utilize our B&B but not displace anything. They were polite and courteous.

See their You tube movie: Marshal Law III  and Reconciliation.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thank you for peace and tranquilty


                 Thank you from guest citing peace                              and tranquility at Victorian                                  Country Inn, B&B, L L C

   " Thank you Barb and Ray for such a beautiful
time. Your enchanting home has given peace and tranquility which I desperately needed.
I enjoyed our talk and hearing about your adventures and sharing mine.
My room ( Dan Diva) was delightful. I think it was designed especially for me in mind. 
(She is an interior designer)
I hope I will find myself back this way again  and for sure I will be staying here."
                                                Barbara Smith
                                                Plano, TX
     This is why we continue our intimate personal Bed and Breakfast in our rural setting with peace and tranquility.
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monument Valley,Utah

Monument Valley, Utah
Where John Ford produced Stagecoach in 1939 starring John Wayne. It is located on Navajo Reservation. During the depression, a couple by last name of Goulding, who loved this territory, decided to send pictures to producer, John Ford who consented to film there. This lead to many more western films and economic growth for the Indian Reservation from the depression onto to today.
Isn't it amazing how one couple can make a positive difference in the world?

By the way, we have a stagecoach in Missouri stationed at our cowboy church, Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church, Clark, MO.
 We took a trail ride where the movie Stagecoach was shot, as well as a real stagecoach traveled by our native horse guide's great grandmother taking her to  to the Trading Post.
Hope you can see it sometime. It was a monumental vacation.
If you can't make it there, we welcome you to a different landscape here in Mid- Missouri at Victorian Country Inn, B&B, LLC where you will find green grass rather than red rocks. God made such diverse country, didn't him?
Enjoy life with adventure there or here.

This painting was by our cowboy preacher, Dale Larison with us driving thru Monument Valley in our stagecoach. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Engagement Party

Engagement Party at Victorian Country Inn

Roaring 20's for the Custard's

Friends and Family, Food with Mystery Theater incorporating guests as actors such as Hank Hollywood and Fiona Flapper played by bride and groom to be.

Book your Private Party now See https://victoriancountryinn.com/

and video https://video214.com/play/JVSF3tNr1vGOnEOAiRu5hw/s/dark

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Starlite Suite & Dan Diva Room

New Tour  of  Starlite Suite & Dan Diva Room at Victorian Country Inn, Hallsville, MO. just north of Columbia, MO.
Enjoy link above to tour our suite and guest room. Then book now at victoriancountryinn.com